Patch GTA 5 -Low spec (2gb ram) v1.0

-=Installation patch=-

1. open the open iv app (edit mode)
2. open the folder data (in archive) move "timecycle" and "visualsettings.dat" into /GTA-V/update/update.rpf/cummon/data/
3. move everything in the grass folder (all the extensions .ytd files) into "/x64i.rpf/levels/gta5/props/procedural/v_proc1.rpf/" (overwrite all file extensions .ytd)

-=Installation settings.xml=-

1. open "settings.xml" and copy the text xml version to aspec tratio value
2. if it is copied, open the original settings.xml "Documents / Rocstar Games / GTA V / settings.xml"
3. then paste from xml version to aspect ratio value
-video card description is not copied, because it is the video card you use.


while playing the game, try to a quiet place (no pedestrians).
on the mountain / beach for example, because it will make your game atmosphere will be smooth.
if the city / settlement will make your game a lag (not too bad)
confused / can not install this mod? do not worry, let's follow the ways install Patch GTA 5 - Low spec (2gb ram) YouTube Tutorial

do not forget to backup the file before installing the patch.
use this patch only for story mode only.
do not use this patch in GTA online, have been banned

-=About v0.1=-

- turn water into HD (high)
- the texture is not too bad
- make the vehicle normal and stable
- mountains and cities will look blurred from a distance
- pedestrians / people around look a bit ugly (not too bad)
- shadow has been disabled